As soon as I started painting, the movement was at the center of all my interests.
I experienced three different phases in my visual exploration related to this notion of movement.
The first phase is characterized by figurative movement, real and visible. Thus, when I painted the dancers I wanted to capture the lightness of their gestures, the muscular tension and energy of their bodies in full swing. In the second phase, the movement has become subtle, imaginary and abstract. I was focused on the motions around me. With the dots, lines, squares and stains that I repeated rhythmically, I created a kind of motif and decorative sample. Using the needle, the thread and the sewing machine, I tried to get the rhythm of the repetition, as well as the relief. I enjoyed the new abstract world that I discovered in my work. In the third phase, following my art therapy studies, my artistic expression was modified by a change of perspective on life. I moved my vision of the movement from the outside to the inside, and began to observe the vibration my thoughts created in me. And I perceived that each thought induced a particular emotion (emotion in Latin, motio: action to move, movement). I was able to make my emotions visible thanks to tools that suited me: acrylic, pastels, chalks and sewing thread. I started to let the colors come into my works and I allowed my emotions to guide my brushes. I realized that by sewing on my paintings I am also symbolically “repairing or healing an emotion”.
I became more spontaneous and less critic at my own regard. Painting the “e-motion” put me in the position of observer of my own feelings that I expressed intuitively and authentically through my artistic works.

The latest cycle of paintings is a project of exploring the subconscious thoughts through spontaneous expression, conceived as an “exterior expression of inner monologue of feelings”. I’m researching human behaviour and psychological aspects of human nature as well as different states of inner self and the depth of emotions. Some of my paintings are in 3D to highlight forms, feelings, to help the hidden or unconscious content to “rise to the surface” to become palpable, seen and recognised. By stitching, psychological “wounds” are symbolically “healing” and there is a new story that emerges.

"Desire is born", 2018 Acrylic paint and collage.