Sabrina Mazzola Roguljić

From my early age I was surrounded by art and artists in my family. I was expressing myself through drawing, painting, but also through dancing, singing, playing piano,…

I studied art at Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka in Croatia. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Arts and Pedagogy in 2007, I moved to France. I discovered art therapy and it intrigued me so much that I decided to study it. As I was learning how to use art as a therapeutic tool, my art expression started to change. I became more intuitive and spontaneous. I was translating emotions through abstract art and searching their deeper meanings.

I’m researching human behavior through my art work, different states of inner self, layers of emotions and psychological aspects of the human nature.

I’m working as an art therapist and as an artist.

I exposed my work in Croatia, Monaco, Italy and in France (group and solo exhibitions).

I’m a member of  “HDLU Zagreb”, Croatian Artists Association as well as a member of “ALUMNI”, Association of graduated artists from Academy of Applied Arts Rijeka.

Sabrina Mazzola Roguljic

Sabrina Mazzola Roguljic

Master 2 Art et Education, Professeur d’arts plastiques et Artiste peintre (Académie des Arts Appliquées, Rijeka, Croatie)